Thursday, September 9, 2010


Its really been a long time since my last post now that the twins are in school every day maybe I will have more time. I am not promising anything but I will try.

A couple weekends ago our neighbor invited us over for his grandsons birthday party (he said if you dont come I would have wasted money on pony rides for nothing). The twins loved it we had italian ice too!!

Then we went to get the twins full size mattresses for their birthdays (we are seperating their rooms ) and since their beds convert why not. I am hoping the seperating of the rooms helps with some sleeping issues (ie napping).

We took the gate off the door to the twins bedroom, its been an interesting 2 weeks at bedtime. I have ended up having to go in there with them and lay down to sleep so they will go to bed. I really need to break that though I dont want them to rely on me to go to bed. However after about an hour or so of going up and down the stairs I give in since I am so worn out from that

I signed Kelsey up for ballet and tap yesterday at Kalediscope dance studio on the square she will go Monday afternoons from 3-3:30 and will be with other kids her own age... My friend Tiffany from church gave me ballet shoes and I found tap shoes in her size at Goodwill this way we can try it and see if she likes dance before spending a fortune on shoes.
She starts next Monday I cant wait I need to make sure my camera is charged up :).

Daddy found a new park by the old Sams club home office its like in the middle of a neighborhood and hardly anyone is there so thats where we spent Labor Day for a little bit.

Friday, March 12, 2010


The kids had not napped on Sunday since this was post race and we were holding off naps for the ride home. Didnt go to well for US the twins only napped for like 20 minutes REALLY are you kidding me. We had team Hancock shirts made so its the same logo as the Hancock movie :)

We went to Little Rock last Saturday the LR marathon was Sunday and Jim,Floyd,Mikel and Lynn ran the relay. So Saturday we got the twins haircuts and crewcuts and pigtails Carson Loved it since he got to eat food while they cut his hair, Kelsey not so much. She wouldn't get into the car they had to take her in the back room and do it on her terms... (surprise surprise). Since it was their very first hair cuts we paid a little more and got the picture and piece of hair for their baby books.
We got a new computer (much needed) since our other one was from 03. This one is super fast and has a 25" monitor (which the twins like because I play tv programs or their videos on this to change it up during the day and they LOVE IT).
We also had to get a new printer since the old one wouldnt be compatible with windows 7, its an all in one again and its wireless so we dont have all the cables and Jim can print from the laptop since thats what he wanted for his teaching.
On the other note the laptop is moving very slow looks like we will be buying a new one next year. Oh well they are pretty cheap and Jim is the one that uses it for his teaching I could care less.
Now with a new computer I have no excuse for not sending pictures to SAMS to get developed, I never did it because the computer was SO slow and uploading and I always had to plug my camera into it now I can put my card in so much easier.
Its cold and icky here I was really hoping the warm weather would have stayed around but it didnt. I like the WARM because we can go out and play all day on the swingset go for wagon rides play with sidewalk chalk, have picnics outside and get messy :).
Tomorrow is the Bentonville Half Marathon Jim and I are doing the 5K Mikel and Lynn are doing the half. So Jims parents are coming into town to watch the kiddos while we run it. I love when company comes because I get a semi break from my kids meaning they have someone else to hold them and love on them other than me all the time. LOVE MY KIDS to DEATH but also need my breaks.

Monday, January 25, 2010


Okay I know its been since the twins birthday at the end of Novemeber since I have posted... I really have no time anymore except on Wednesdays when they twins go to MOMS day OUT. And then the 4 hours I have is precious and I need to get "other" stuff done. One of my resolutions for this year is to be on top of the blogging and to get better about getting pictures developed since I have tons on the computer just not developed... Part of that is we need a new computer since this thing is very SLOW so it makes picture downloading not fun.

Christmas has come and gone (I will post pictures later) the twins had a great time. We have been to birthday parties, church activites start up again and we have been sick. Both have colds again and look just sickly. We have had a big snow storm the beginning of the year (my mom was here to help with the twins since school was out all week) and I was ready to lose it since the twins had not been to MOMS day out for 3 weeks.

Jim and I also got a new mattress OMG wonderful we were so overdue for one its not even funny I sleep so much better and love it plus it was a great deal.
We had the roof replaced on our Fayetteville house along with gutters and flashing put on this house. OF course all of this including the mattress was done on the Dave RAMSEY plan which meant we had the cash for it and didnt have to finance anything or stress out about it.
I am getting ready for the Rhea Lanas consignment sale in March I started ironing my items the other night and stopped since I worked a couple hours. I will continue tonight and get everything cleaned and ironed so I can tag and enter it into the computer. I did well in the fall sale and am hoping to do better in this one.

More pictures soon promise... I did get a new camera for Christmas

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Happy 2nd Birthday

Here they were 2 years ago :) man how time flies
Sit and Spin

Lynn got these Jammies for the twins funny :)

Our homemade cake :)
Now at 2, forget the kitchen we will play with the box instead :)

Cleaning before company arrives

Little Girly cleaning too!

Thursday, November 19, 2009


Daddy found Kelseys 4 wheeler at helping hands so he bought it for her and she LOVES it and knows its hers :)

Been really busy can't you tell by my lack of posting :) we have done so much and its almost Christmas... The twins had a great Halloween at Jim's office where they trick or treated in the nice warm building and they got so much candy their buckets ripped on the bottom. Oh well they were only 1.00 at the associate store. Carson's costume was a HIT!!! Kelseys was too :).
Mom was here to visit and help watch the twins for us while we went to a couple Razorback football games (thanks mom) we didnt have to pay for a babysitter.
Thats it for now!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

What we have been doing lately

This is how we found her sleeping the other night HA HA hilarious! I had to get Jim to get the camera and take pictures.

Playing in the neighbors driveway

Razorback game!

Pumpkin Patch

They couldnt quite look in time to take the picture they did think the hole things were cool though

Kelsey decided to leave the shot :)

Hayride we did not go on

Kelsey in a dress I found in her closet she loved it too bad she only wore it twice it was too short :)

Monday, September 14, 2009

Little Rock Jim's vacation and Toddler Beds

Playing with chalk before bath time, they love playing outside with Jim when he gets home from work. I love it to because I can clean up the house and get dinner started.

Here is how the toddler beds are going, he ended up in her bed he loves his sissy

Here is nap time notice himby the door and everything on the floor in their room

Playing at Wonderplace, they loved it we were there for a couple hours. Kelsey of course did not want to leave. We went on Grandparents day so Jims parents got in free and they only charged us for 1 child and 1 adult guess it pays to have twins :). Notice Kelseys new shoes, yes the stride rites we got her at the end of July no longer fit she had a growth spurt or something. So she got a new pair of nike tennis shoes on this trip and she loves them. I wish I took pictures of her modeling them at the store.

She played with this for a long time

Tita took out the sprinkler and they ran through it they loved it..

Heres some of the toys they get to play with at papa and Titas

This is the tricycle we get to play with there, Jim's parents got them regular trikes for Christmas and this one is for their house.

We went to Little Rock the 1st weekend in Sept for the game (Jim bought LR tickets this year for his dad for Father's day) Paula and I hung around the house with the kiddos. Sunday we went to church with them and came home and the twins played and loved it. Monday (Labor Day we went to Wonderplace before we left LR the twins had alot of fun.

Jim was on vacation last week and the twins started Moms Day out on Wednesday so we put together the twins toddler beds (I really dont have the patience for this) nap time is horrible during the day and bed time is too unless they are tired. They are gated in their bedroom but they destroy everything, today I went up to find him climbing up the dresser good thing we have that secured to the wall. What is funny though is Kelsey rolls underneath her bed and sleeps there then can't figure out how to get out in the morning. Carson came running to the gate this morning reaching out his hand for my help to get her out from under the bed. Total kodak moment but do I bring my camera to their room at 7am NO.

Carson gives his sissy hugs and kisses all the time its so precious!