Thursday, September 9, 2010


Its really been a long time since my last post now that the twins are in school every day maybe I will have more time. I am not promising anything but I will try.

A couple weekends ago our neighbor invited us over for his grandsons birthday party (he said if you dont come I would have wasted money on pony rides for nothing). The twins loved it we had italian ice too!!

Then we went to get the twins full size mattresses for their birthdays (we are seperating their rooms ) and since their beds convert why not. I am hoping the seperating of the rooms helps with some sleeping issues (ie napping).

We took the gate off the door to the twins bedroom, its been an interesting 2 weeks at bedtime. I have ended up having to go in there with them and lay down to sleep so they will go to bed. I really need to break that though I dont want them to rely on me to go to bed. However after about an hour or so of going up and down the stairs I give in since I am so worn out from that

I signed Kelsey up for ballet and tap yesterday at Kalediscope dance studio on the square she will go Monday afternoons from 3-3:30 and will be with other kids her own age... My friend Tiffany from church gave me ballet shoes and I found tap shoes in her size at Goodwill this way we can try it and see if she likes dance before spending a fortune on shoes.
She starts next Monday I cant wait I need to make sure my camera is charged up :).

Daddy found a new park by the old Sams club home office its like in the middle of a neighborhood and hardly anyone is there so thats where we spent Labor Day for a little bit.

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